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Facebook Cover Page Resource for Photoshop.

Every new sermon series at my church means another banner image for the website. That’s not a big deal – it’s straightforward, has standard dimensions, and nothing obscures it.

And then I pull out my increasingly sparse hair, because I also have to deal with the church’s Facebook cover photo. That means bizarre dimensions (851×315…who came up with that?) and text with another image placed over your nice new cover image that you probably spent hours perfecting.

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The Bible and Young Earth Creationism

I’ve been preparing for the upcoming Faith & Science Seminar that I co-developed (Sat, Sept 21st, 7pm @ Menlo Park Presbyterian), and some of that preparation involves making sure I have a good feel for the current conversations taking place about these topics. Part of this is simply good communication (i.e., know where the people are), but I also want to lessen the odds of getting blindsided by an oddball question.

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Richard Dawkins’ “Mild Pedophilia”

Richard Dawkins has recently come under fire for minimizing his own experiences being molested. He apparently dismissed it as “mild touching up,” and insisted that we should not judge past events with modern standards. Dawkins associates this “mild pedophilia” with caning and racism, which were more common when he was growing up (apparently…I wasn’t there). To be fair, he did make a distinction between his experiences and  rape, murder, and more severe cases of human brutality.

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Jesus and the IRS

There’s nothing like mixing politics and religion to upset everyone. As you might have guessed by the title, I’m referring to the (in)famous “Render unto Caesar the things that belong to Caesar, and to God the things that are God’s.” See Luke 20:19-26 for the full story. I encounter this passage a lot, usually as a way of giving voice to the complicated relationship between Christianity and politics, and often in relation to taxes.

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A Response to Rachael Slick on ‘The Friendly Atheist’

Yes, that’s the best title I could come up with.

Rachael Slick, daughter of the founder of Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, recently wrote a guest post on “The Friendly Atheist.” In it, she shared what it was like to grow up in a household that obsessed over apologetics (defending the Christian faith). She writes courageously, and, as I post my thoughts, I don’t want to take that away from her.  Growing up in the shadow of CARM sounds like it was absolutely bonkers, and I sense that her writing comes from a place of pain and struggle.

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