I know, it sounds stupid, but I am serious. In about a month or so I am going to move from St. Louis to Silicon Valley. That’s a long trip. A quick look at google maps gives an estimation of a million miles, and since that also means I have to pack my stuff, any little bit of help is welcome.


Enter: Evernote.


I originally got the idea from lifeacker, where they recommend getting rid of public domain books to reduce clutter. Since books are freakin’ heavy, I decided to go for it. However, I am a knowledge junkie. My personal library comes from 7 years of study, and I’ve got many, many classics of literature and philosophy that I struggled to part with. The problem was that I liked having them on hand.


So, I thought, Evernote! I’ve used you to take notes, keep track of ideas for my various papers and projects, and hold a whole lot of ancient documents I am studying.


I think you know where I am going.


I couldn’t use the client (for 10.5.2), as it seemed to crash every time I pasted in the complete works of Sophocles or some other obnoxiously ancient text. Their web app – which is shockingly just as good, if not better than the local client – took them like a charm (syncing with the local client went without a hitch). Now I have a huge box of classic books ready to donate, which translates into a huge box I don’t have to pack-move-unpack, and I still have them readily accessible at any time.


Evernote, I lift my beer to ya.


Oh yeah, the first three people that post a comment requesting an invite, will get one. Just put your email address in the appropriate spot (not in the body, unless you like spam)…