Every new sermon series at my church means another banner image for the website. That’s not a big deal – it’s straightforward, has standard dimensions, and nothing obscures it.

And then I pull out my increasingly sparse hair, because I also have to deal with the church’s Facebook cover photo. That means bizarre dimensions (851×315…who came up with that?) and text with another image placed over your nice new cover image that you probably spent hours perfecting.

So… Out of sheer frustration, and because the other Facebook page templates always seemed to be lacking some feature or were oddly organized, I decided to roll my own. And, because I believe suffering is best when you have people with you, I’m posting it here. You can get just the PSD, or you can get a zip file with both the PSD and a small action I created to make the process of taking your shiny new cover image from the template and placing it in a new document easy.

For just the PSD, click here.

For the zip file which contains the PSD and the action to automatically extract the new cover image you create, click here.

To install the action, just double-click on it. Go Window->Actions to view them in the side panel.
The files are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. Basically, use it however you want, just make sure you also share it if you modify it.
Creative Commons License
Facebook Photoshop Template of Doom by Eric W Robinson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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